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Saviour Erim

Hi, I am Saviour Erim, an Email Marketing Specialist, and Affiliate Marketer, A Software Developer and SMTP Server Developer and Builder.

I am also a Web3 Developer, and Blockchain Writer, with over 500k+ active Email Leads, subscribers and clients I generate every single day and Today, I will be handing over my ever ancient yet modern and evergreen 5,000+ Swipes files to YOU that has made me MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ONLINE…

Dear Marketers: (and Future ones),However, first, I’m shocked that I’m even sharing this with you.After 9years of profitable email writing and list-building…In recent months…I have been trying and testing my jealously-guarded leads generation model lately, which I have been generating an average of over 500+ high quality engaging leads

Well, I was really pulling in massive leads up till today (a secret strategy I will hand over to you when you grab these swipes today).

But I noticed my conversions as at 4months to 6months ago is nothing way compared to my 3 months to present day’s conversion rate.

What did I do different?

I met a top digital vendor during the just concluded funnel hackers club.

At first, I was very skeptical about him.My ego didn’t want it to work out.EspeciallyAfter I discovered that he makes an average of $2Million+ from his promotional mails.

I got more skeptical;

Well that was because, I felt my questions regarding his success wouldn’t be let out of his secret shelf.

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I want to send you a zip file (with the 9,000+ emails I turned into $2,204,084.55)…

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I gave a copy in secret to 10 of my friends online.

I asked them if they thought the it was worth my asking price.

All of the reply with an enthusiastic YES!…

Most told me I was insane.

I wanted too little for it.

It’s all 3,000 emails I paid $15,000 for which allowed me cash in BIG in just a few months, while simply clicking copy, paste and send.

It’s all 219 emails I paid $16,000 for which allowed me cash in BIG in just a few months, while simply clicking copy, paste and send.

It’s all 3,000+ emails…

I paid $15,000 for which allowed me cash in BIG in just a few months.

Simply clicking copy, paste and then send.

It’s truly a swipe, model, adapt and deploy…

Anyone can in 15 seconds adjust these emails to get amazing results.



Cogent $10k Swipes

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Jenny Martins

UI/UX Designer

What I did was literally hit the send button, and honestly, these swipes has saved me a whole lot of stress, time, energy and brain work. Above all my conversions are hitting the skies already.

Paul Simons

it Consultant

I was more skeptical when I first saw the figures on my wallet, I felt there was a glitch kind of, but after refreshing my dashboard, I already generated a whooping $6,000+ in my first week of grabbing these profitable swipes

John Carter


My conversions have crossed 60% in the past 5days of testing just 20swipes in my dog training niche list.

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